The Process Of Commercial Demolition: What Goes Into Making It Happen?

The Process Of Commercial Demolition: What Goes Into Making It Happen?

The Process Of Commercial Demolition: What Goes Into Making It Happen?

31 July 2023
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Commercial demolition occurs for many reasons. In several instances, a building is outdated, potentially dangerous, and no longer in use, so it will be demolished to make space for a new build. Many older commercial properties are no longer safe to occupy. Although commercial demolition can occur anywhere, those involved in the project must take measures to ensure the process happens correctly to avoid any issues. For the demolition to go smoothly, contractors must have the proper tools and equipment while following specific steps. 

The Beginning Stages

During a demolition service, contractors must determine if the building contains hazardous, harmful materials, such as asbestos. A building containing asbestos can still get demolished. However, additional measures will need to be taken to ensure the asbestos is controlled rather than free to spread out in the air surrounding the commercial building.

Along with inspecting the building and determining if hazardous material is lingering throughout it, contractors must obtain the proper permits to complete the demolition. The types of permits required vary from state to state.

The Preparation Stage

After working through the logistics of the demolition, it's time to prepare for it. The company handling the work will need to order safety gear and assorted supplies to protect contractors and comply with all safety regulations. They will also bring heavy-duty equipment to the premises, such as excavators, backhoes, wrecking balls, and more. Each demolition project requires the use of different equipment. For example, a wrecking ball is often selected for larger buildings, whereas other methods, such as the concrete sawing technique, can come in handy for smaller commercial properties.

The Demolition Stage

If everything checks out, the contractors will begin working on the demolition. Entirely demolishing a commercial building and clearing the land can take several weeks. Contractors will usually provide an estimate on the timeline in advance to ensure those who've requested to have the building demolished understand how long it will take to complete such a task.

Experienced contractors handle commercial demolitions by taking a safe yet efficient approach and working in stages to complete the job. While it all begins with inspecting the building and obtaining proper permits to legally demolish it, several other steps go into getting this work done, such as having the proper safety gear for workers to wear and bringing the right equipment to the site. When following a strict protocol, commercial demolition can occur safely and within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact a local commercial demolition service to learn more. 

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