Need To Add An Addition To Your Home? Find A Contractor And Ask These Important Questions

Need To Add An Addition To Your Home? Find A Contractor And Ask These Important Questions

Need To Add An Addition To Your Home? Find A Contractor And Ask These Important Questions

19 June 2023
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If you are looking to add a room to the back of your home and you aren't sure what different professionals you need to get this started, you want to find a full-service contractor. This is a contractor who can manage all aspects of the project for you.

Adding to the home may require things that have to be managed by licensed professionals, like:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing installation
  • Foundation pouring
  • House framing

These are things that need to be completed and performed by skilled licensed experts, and the general contractor for the project will use their team, along with qualified subcontractors, to get it all started. Here are things you'll have to consider and discuss with the contractor.

Layout Options

Have each contractor you are considering using come to the home and give you a detailed layout and drawing of what the addition will look like. This should include specifics like the following:

  • Dimensions
  • Ceiling heights
  • Material specifics
  • Connection points for utilities

The different full-service licensed contractors may have different ideas and suggestions. It will be best to hear what multiple professionals have to say and to see the designs so you can pick the best option for your addition.

Estimate Details

There should be a lot of details in the estimate, and the breakdown in costs should be easy to compare. Expect to see these expenses listed:

  • Permits
  • Labor wages
  • Materials and supplies
  • Subcontractor information
  • Business certification and licensing verification

You want to see the complete breakdown of costs so you can be confident when comparing quotes that you understand what you are paying for.


It may be difficult for the contractor to give you a definitive timeline. There are many issues that can cause delays during an addition project, such as:

  • Material shortages and back orders
  • Weather
  • Subcontractors
  • Permit approvals

Talk with the contractor to get an estimate of when the project should be finished and ask that you set up checkpoints throughout the renovations so they give you detailed information about what is going on.

Be sure to verify the licensing and accreditation of any contractor you plan on using for the addition. Look at some of the work that they have done in the past, and talk with some past homeowners that have used the contractor for different projects. This way you can be sure that they can perform the work that you want without worrying about project quality.

Contact a construction contractor for more information. 

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