When Should You Consider Waterproofing Your Basement?

When Should You Consider Waterproofing Your Basement?

When Should You Consider Waterproofing Your Basement?

17 March 2023
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Water damage is a primary cause of structural issues. It occurs when a building's waterproofing is not up to par or doesn't exist. Many property owners wait until they face flooding to consider basement waterproofing, but by this time, recovery will be costly.

Therefore it's essential to recognize the signs of moisture in your basement and invest in waterproofing to avoid major issues later. 

Here are indications that you should consider basement waterproofing. 


One clear sign that it's time to waterproof your basement is the presence of mold in the room. While mold growth is common in many homes, that doesn't mean it's harmless. These organisms often cause health problems.

Mold triggers asthma and causes respiratory issues like breathing problems and coughing fits. In severe cases, the spores may cause fungal infections.

When you notice mold growth in the basement, invest in mold removal and start waterproofing the basement to ensure the fungi don't grow back.

Water Stains

Whenever you notice water stains, there is moisture in the basement, even if you can't see the pools of water. Therefore, you should not ignore any water stains on the basement floor because it could indicate moisture is seeping up the foundation.

Failing to fix the problem will compromise the foundation and affect the building's structural integrity. So, get a contractor to inspect the basement and waterproof it.


This white sparkly substance forms on the walls when salt rises on permeable material or concrete surface. The substance covers the walls and will be visible after water leaks on the surface and combines with the salt.

Immediately you notice efflorescence on the basement wall, prepare to waterproof.

Warping Doors

Does the basement door get stuck when you shut or open it?

If so, your basement may have too much moisture. 

Wood is an absorbent material that soaks up as much moisture as possible and swells. The swelling makes it difficult to open or close the door.

The basement door warping due to moisture will make your premises less secure.

Damp Smell

If you consistently notice a musty smell each time you enter the basement, you have a moisture problem. Poor ventilation and leaks in the basement may cause the odor.

Waterproofing the basement can fix all these problems. Act fast to ensure the issue doesn't escalate and create damages that will affect the structural integrity of your building. Your waterproofing expert will help you find the right solution to your basement moisture issue to keep the structure more robust.

Contact basement waterproofing services to learn more. 

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