Have A Narrow Short Driveway You Want To Expand? Call The Asphalt Crew For An Affordable Expansion

Have A Narrow Short Driveway You Want To Expand? Call The Asphalt Crew For An Affordable Expansion

Have A Narrow Short Driveway You Want To Expand? Call The Asphalt Crew For An Affordable Expansion

18 January 2023
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An old driveway that is short, narrow, and damaged can be a concern if you have more than one driver and you are always fighting for space on the driveway surface. If you are ready to invest in the improvement and expansion of your driveway, you'll want to talk with an asphalt paving company.

Improving the driveway is a great investment for your home. Here are some of the things you'll want to do to get this project in motion, and to get the perfect driveway you need.

Get a Permit

It is likely that you will need some type of permit to expand the driveway or change the layout. If you aren't sure you want to call someone from your city or township, and ask to talk with the engineering or permit department. Talk about the changes you plan to make, and apply for any permit that is required. The application will require specific dimensions for the new driveway, and you may get a city or township employee out to your home.

Get Asphalt Estimates

If the current driveway is asphalt, using asphalt and leaving the existing driveway in place is probably going to be your most affordable and easy option for driveway improvements. This is because of the following reasons:

  • You can pour over the existing asphalt for a new top layer and a smooth surface
  • Hot melted asphalt will attach to existing asphalt for easy expansion on the sides of the driveway
  • Asphalt is an ecologically friendly material that is 100 percent reusable

Included in the estimates should be the proposed layouts with the dimensions, the break down of cost for the prep, material and labor, and the expenses for final sealing after the asphalt has been poured. More than one estimate allows you to compare the prices.

Asphalt is a quiet surface to drive on as well, so expanding the driveway and providing a large smooth surface area for people to pull in and out and park will be a great investment for your property. Asphalt is also aesthetically pleasing, especially when it's maintained and sealed properly as needed over time.

If your driveway is so narrow it's difficult to stay on it, and you can't fit more than one car on it, it's time to talk with the asphalt paving contractors to get a cost for the work. Make sure you have any permits needed from your local property authorities and go from there.

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