What Rural Homeowners Should Know About Well Water Systems

What Rural Homeowners Should Know About Well Water Systems

What Rural Homeowners Should Know About Well Water Systems

7 December 2022
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Rural homes have several aspects to them that you will likely not find in suburban or city homes. One of these aspects is the use of fresh well water. Well water may initially sound ideal. You may believe you can avoid chemicals and other issues that city water or even suburban water may have. The truth is, there are problems with well water. Here are some of those issues and how having the proper well water system can reduce them.

Increased Hard Water

Hard water can have several effects in your home. The most common issues are leaving a white film on your showers, tubs, and even on your glasses and dishes after rinsing. The other issue is the inability to get the most out of your soaps, including your laundry and dish soap. This increase in hard water is caused by excessive minerals in the water such as magnesium and calcium. If this is an issue your water well has, you will need a water well system that combats hard water. It will filter out the high concentration of these minerals and soften the water. 

High Mineral Deposits

High mineral deposits can consist of iron, magnesium, and other minerals commonly found in the ground. These minerals can seep into the water well. Over time the minerals will build up and leech into the water supply. From that point, a filtering system is the only way to remove the leeching minerals and keep them out of the water supply to the home. This can be done with well water systems that are designed to remove the minerals as the water is sent through the system to the home and surrounding water pipes on the property. 

Fecal Bacteria

Fecal bacteria is common in water wells that have not been used in recent years. It is especially common in water wells where animals have been free roaming and the wells have not been pumped properly or at all. This type of water well issue can lead to several health concerns. Due to the high health concerns caused by fecal matter in the water, you will need more than a  simple water filtration system in the home. You will need a water well system that has layers that not only combat the fecal bacteria but kill the bacteria before it reaches your water supply in the home. 

Before you buy the rural homestead of your dreams, consider having the well water system inspected. This inspection will tell you how many wells are on the property. It will also tell you the issues with the wells, what to know about maintenance and the age of the wells, as well as what well water system may be ideal. Once you have this information, begin looking for a well water systems contractor in your area. 

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