Should A Third Party Install Your Construction Scaffolding?

Should A Third Party Install Your Construction Scaffolding?

Should A Third Party Install Your Construction Scaffolding?

23 November 2022
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Construction scaffolding installation is part of a wide range of projects. A company may consider using in-house resources for this work. However, there are third parties that can often handle the job better. 

Should you consider working with a third party to erect construction scaffolding? Companies may want to ask for help with their needs for these 5 reasons.

Limited Resources

Not all businesses have sufficient construction scaffolding to deal with their project requirements. You might have taken a contract for a building that's larger than you'd normally work on, for example. Even if your firm has scaffolding, it might need more to get the project started. Especially if you don't expect to need to keep that much scaffolding, it may be better to rely on a subcontractor's resources instead.

Notably, outside companies often have types of scaffolding that your business might not own. If a company doesn't normally work near city sidewalks, for example, it might not be equipped to do a pedestrian canopy installation.


Buying scaffolding costs money and storing it incurs some expenses too. If your operation doesn't regularly deploy scaffolding, these can be unnecessary expenses. Asking a construction scaffolding installation company to do the job is a good way to control long-term costs in this scenario.

Safety and Liability

A specialized contractor will have the tools, experience, and equipment required to do the job well. This will maximize workplace safety. Your operation should experience fewer accidents related to scaffolding, and that should reduce time and manpower losses.

Similarly, a construction business should mitigate its liability exposure whenever possible. If you're going to have potential liability exposure due to a pedestrian canopy installation, for example, it may be better to let a third party assume any risk associated with putting in the scaffolding.


Most municipalities have regulations for scaffolding. A local contractor will be familiar with these rules, and they can ensure your setup won't violate the regulations. This reduces the odds that you'll have to shut work down briefly to bring the scaffolding into compliance.


If you're considering using a third party's resources, there's a good chance your team doesn't have the experience required to erect and tear down scaffolding rapidly. You might want to get the scaffolding up on the weekend to ensure your workers will have a platform by Monday, for example. Likewise, you might need to move the scaffolding around the building as the project progresses. Every teardown and setup requires time, and it's often best to leave the job to qualified contractors.

Contact a local construction scaffolding installation service to learn more. 

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