Upgrading The Roof Of Your Business's Building

Upgrading The Roof Of Your Business's Building

Upgrading The Roof Of Your Business's Building

16 August 2022
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Installing a new roof for your business can be an upgrade that improves the comfort of those in the building, the overall energy efficiency of the structure, and the durability of the building. During the process of installing a new commercial roof, there are several additional upgrades or changes that you may also want to make. 

Adjusting The Incline Of The Commercial Roof

The incline of the roof is an important factor in determining the ease of rainwater draining off the structure. Unfortunately, business owners may not realize that they can have the incline of their roof adjusted during the installation and replacement process. This can reduce the risk of water pooling on the roof following major storms, which can be a common source of roofing damage as prolonged moisture exposure can cause most roofing materials to gradually deteriorate.

Upgrading The Roof Covering To A More Durable Option

Installing a new roof is also an opportunity for a business owner to upgrade the materials that they are using for this part of the structure. More specifically, a business may be able to reduce future roofing costs and disruptions by upgrading to roofing materials that are significantly more durable. This is especially true for businesses that may use asphalt shingle roofing as this can be among the least durable options that can be installed. Opting for rubber roof coatings, tile, or even metal may prove to be a more durable and cost-effective roofing material.

Installing Ice And Snow Mitigation Systems For The Roof

During the winter months, snow and ice accumulating on the roof can be a substantial problem that a business may have to mitigate. Otherwise, these accumulations could cause a variety of damages to the roof. For example, these accumulations can add a very large amount of weight to the structure. If this is not addressed, the roof could potentially collapse under the weight of the structure. Furthermore, snow and ice on the roof can lead to substantial moisture exposure for it, and this may eventually cause the roof to rot or corrode in response. Snow and ice mitigation systems can actively melt these substances from the roof before they can accumulate. While it may be possible to retrofit a roof with these systems, it is generally better to install them at the same time as the roof itself. This can allow for better coverage of this large surface while also reducing the installation costs for the thermal ice and snow control system.

Contact a local roofing company, such as Double U Construction, to learn more. 

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