Is Your Window Telling You To Replace It?

Is Your Window Telling You To Replace It?

Is Your Window Telling You To Replace It?

4 August 2022
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Over the life of a house, the odds are high that you'll need to contact a window replacement service contractor at some point. It isn't always easy to tell if your windows are ready for replacement. However, you can identify problems by looking for these four signs that the windows aren't in great shape.

Cracking, Crumbling, or Chipping

Physical deterioration of the window's supporting structures often is the first signal. A painted window might just be losing old paint. Vinyl, metal, and other materials generally don't suffer crumbling, chips, and cracks until they're significantly damaged.

In either case, it's worth taking a closer look at the state of the window. Clean all the junk out and see what's going on. Even if the problem isn't the window itself, there could be something wrong with the sill or even the surrounding wall. Most likely, you'll find something that requires repairs.

Mobility Issues

As a window ages, it can develop mechanical problems too. A window might stick due to warping and swelling, for example. Similarly, it might become very loose because the supporting pulley mechanisms are failing.

You might be able to tolerate these issues for a while, but they may also make a window unsafe. If you're having a hard time operating a window, replacement may be the best option.

Air or Water Leaks

Your windows should protect your house from the elements. If air is leaking through the windows, that's going to negatively affect the heating and cooling bills. Any water getting through the windows is just bad news in general. Some leaks are only evident when you see symptoms. For example, you might see condensation or frost around the affected areas.

You might be able to caulk leaks along the frame of the window. However, leaks inside the structure of the window are almost always a cause to replace it.

Old Style

Window replacement for aesthetic reasons is also a perfectly fine idea. Even if you're the extremely practical sort, there's a good chance a window that's out of style is also old enough that it doesn't include the best of modern technologies. These include insulation and UV protection.

You also may just not like how dated the window looks. Especially if you're trying to modernize the appearance of your house, the windows are often the first things that give away the build's age. A window replacement project can go a long way toward reviving the curb appeal of your home.

Contact a local window replacement service to learn more. 

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