Signs You Need to Contact Shingle Repair Services Right Away

Signs You Need to Contact Shingle Repair Services Right Away

Signs You Need to Contact Shingle Repair Services Right Away

18 July 2022
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Like most people, you probably also went for a shingle roof because of its versatility and incredible protection. Not only can you find them in a wide array of colors, but they have been proven to complement any home's exterior. Unfortunately, even with such outstanding features, your shingle roof is still susceptible to damage as years pass by. Therefore, whenever you spot any of the following signs of damage, get in touch with a roof repair service immediately.

There Are Granules Missing

Why should you be bothered about missing granules? Well, for starters, the granules are responsible for providing a long-lasting color to the shingles, but more importantly, they help your roof beat the harsh effects of the sun. As a result, the shingles won't easily curl or warp due to uneven temperature distribution. This, in turn, reduces the chances of your roof leaking. Therefore, if you notice any dark or light patches (depending on the roof color), do not hesitate to contact shingle repair services.

Some Shingles Are Buckling

Buckling shingles often resemble a distorted wave. Whenever you see this, there is a high chance you need to replace them since high winds could easily tear them off. All in all, shingles buckle due to old and sometimes wrongful installations. This damage can be evident from the ground, meaning there is no need to climb up a ladder to confirm before calling for help.

You Have a Recurrent Case of Animals Climbing Up Your Roof

If animals like raccoons and squirrels love your roof, you should not take it lightly. Even birds such as woodpeckers are a danger to your roof. These animals like to chew the roofing material leaving holes in search of food. They are also attracted to the heat source in your attic and are likely to ruin your roof to gain access to the warmth. Others, like bats, will nest in the chimneys and gutters. To deal with the situation, first, you need to eliminate their access points, which are the tree branches hanging over your roof. Second, you need to keep your roof clean so the filth does not become an attraction point. Besides, cleaning your roof also prevents water pooling, which can lead to leaks. 

The Deck Is Sagging

If your deck no longer appears straight, there could be a leak causing it to sag. If only a small area is affected, your roofer can fix the situation. But if the problem is widespread, a roof replacement is a more viable solution.

If you need roof repairs, don't hesitate to contact a roof repair service. Taking care of these issues on time could significantly reduce the need for a roof replacement.

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