2 Practical Reasons To Never Engage In DIY Vinyl Siding Installation

2 Practical Reasons To Never Engage In DIY Vinyl Siding Installation

2 Practical Reasons To Never Engage In DIY Vinyl Siding Installation

6 January 2022
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Although you have an array of siding materials to choose from for your house, vinyl is likely at the top of your list due to the range of advantages that it offers. The versatile customization of vinyl supplies gives you creative freedom when it comes to selecting the texture and color of this material, so you can rest assured that it can easily complement the architectural details of your home. Moreover, the weather resistance of vinyl siding makes it a highly durable solution, even if you reside in a location that experiences severe weather. But while the professionals may make siding installation look like a piece of cake, the truth is that this process is much more complicated than you might think. So instead of assuming that you will be saving money by engaging in vinyl siding installation on your own, check out the following practical reasons why you should leave it to trained contractors.

You will not know the proper installation techniques to employ

Multiple steps go into vinyl siding installation. The first thing you would need to do is select the right starter strips for installation. A common blunder that DIY enthusiasts make is purchasing vinyl strips in the same size, but this will not provide adequate coverage. For maximum protection, a professional installer will choose wider strips for the bottom of the walls so that the vinyl siding is buried into the ground, as this safeguards the foundation too. Another typical mistake that amateurs make during DIY vinyl siding installation is incorrect leveling of the strips, which leaves gaps for moisture to penetrate between the siding and the walls. Professional installation will not only guarantee that the vinyl strips overlap correctly but that these strips are secured tightly in place, eliminating the risk of having to redo the job a few months down the line.

You will be at an increased threat of damaging the siding materials

The second risk you run when you choose to embark on DIY vinyl siding installation is irreparable damage to the vinyl supplies. Certainly, vinyl is renowned for its durability, and this is one of the reasons why it has become a staple for residential siding applications. Nevertheless, for the vinyl siding to retain this endurance, it needs to be in optimum condition when it is affixed onto the walls of the home. One of the ways that you could end up damaging the supplies is by not knowing how best to nail the strips onto the wall. Not only do professionals utilize specific fasteners for the job in the form of hot galvanized nails, but these nails have to be driven to a specific depth, or the vinyl strips will crack or split.

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