Why Transmission Tower Painting Is Important For Your Utility Service Company

Why Transmission Tower Painting Is Important For Your Utility Service Company

Why Transmission Tower Painting Is Important For Your Utility Service Company

20 December 2021
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If you have a business that provides electrical power to customers, the transmission towers that are needed to direct electricity into homes and other businesses should always be up to standard. New paint on a transmission tower can serve many purposes and can improve the tower in several ways. You may not have realized all the great advantages that come with transmission tower painting, and you should consider scheduling service for any towers that need new paint.

Prevents Rust

Old paint on a transmission tower could chip away and leave exposed sections of the tower vulnerable to rust formation. More rust can form during rainy seasons when more moisture gets onto the exposed parts of the tower. Rust can damage the tower and create the need for costly and extensive repairs that could impact your customers' utility service. With a new coat of rust-resistant paint, your transmission tower will retain a rust-free exterior longer.

Keeps the Tower Looking Good

A transmission tower that has missing or low-quality paint on it can look old and less reliable. If people know that an ugly tower belongs to your company, your business's reputation and customer base could suffer. Plus, you could get a lot of complaints from disgruntled residents and business owners in the area who aren't pleased with your tower's appearance. By keeping your tower looking good with transmission tower painting, your company can retain a better standing in the community.

Safer for Air Travel

Pilots will be able to see your transmission tower easier if it has fresh paint on it that's clearly noticeable. A poor paint coating or a tower that's completely bare won't be as easy to see, and an aircraft might collide with your tower and cause a major disaster. With a good paint job, pilots will be able to spot your transmission tower with less difficulty and fly with enough clearance to avoid collisions.

Helps You Avoid Fines

Your business could be fined if you have a transmission tower that isn't well-maintained. The FCC has set forth rules regarding transmission tower maintenance, and your business may be violating one or more of these rules if the paint on one of your towers isn't up to standard. You could also be fined if insufficient paint or the wrong paint color on a tower distracts pilots while they're flying. 

New paint can do wonders for your company's transmission towers. Any towers that need to be painted can be painted by experienced transmission painting professionals. These experts use high-quality paint products that work well on transmission towers and can withstand different types of weather more effectively. 

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