Boiler Repair: 4 Crucial Signs Not To Ignore

Boiler Repair: 4 Crucial Signs Not To Ignore

Boiler Repair: 4 Crucial Signs Not To Ignore

9 November 2021
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Though a boiler experiences excess use, it can last long with proper care and maintenance. In addition, a well-installed boiler from a trusted manufacturer can last more than a decade with minimal hitches. But even with the best maintenance, the appliance will require repairs at some point.

For instance, the system's components will suffer usual wear and tear with age, necessitating frequent repairs. Here is some common damage that affects plumbing systems and how to deal with them.

Dripping and Leaking Water

Leaking and dripping of water from your heater calls for the urgent attention of your plumbing contractor. If the leak emanates from the pipes that supply water to the boiler, you can seal or repair them yourself. On the other hand, an extensive leak coming from the tank signals a deeper problem that requires the expertise of a professional plumber.

Sometimes, leaking results from a faulty pressure relief valve. In this case, the plumber will recommend a valve replacement. But if the leakage is widespread, you might need to replace the system altogether. Usually, your plumbing contractor will assess the extent of leaking to determine the best remedy. 

It sounds Like a Kettle

Kettling indicates that all is not well with your boiler. In this case, the tank will make banging and rattling sounds, especially the heating unit. Though it may seem insignificant, it could worsen when you keep ignoring it.

Typically, kettling noise comes from surplus minerals in the water supply. While heating system tanks naturally experience deposition of minerals, an accumulation becomes a source of disruption to the water flow over time. Besides that, a kettling boiler will eventually leak and cause water damage in your home. That's why it is advisable to fix the issue as soon as it emerges. 

No Heat from the System

Another obvious indicator that your system has a problem is when the water stops heating. The problem could be with the ignition or the safety switch that prevents the unit from working. A broken thermostat is also a potential culprit.

Only a trained heater expert should handle this problem due to the heating components' delicate and dangerous nature. Therefore, you should hire a competent technician to check the condition of your system and determine whether to repair or replace the heating element. 

You should contact a professional as soon as you notice the above signs in your boiler system. They will troubleshoot and repair the issues before the damage worsens and causes losses or accidents. Contact a boiler repair service to learn more.

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