Good Things About Concrete Slab Foundations

Good Things About Concrete Slab Foundations

Good Things About Concrete Slab Foundations

22 September 2020
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Slab foundations are popular choices for homes, especially those that are built in climates with milder or even warmer temperatures. Slab foundations have a lot of features that make them so popular. You can learn more in this article about this type of foundation as well as what some of those good features are that make them the type so many choose to go with when building a home. 

The basics of a slab foundation

A slab foundation is one that is made of concrete that's generally a few inches thick in the center and thicker toward the edges, and it is poured onto the ground. The thickness of the foundation in various parts allows for it to be stronger in the areas where that additional strength is important. Slab foundations can also use either tension cables or rebar to help the foundation bear the weight of the home better. 

Concrete foundations can help make homes more efficient

When a home has a concrete foundation, it means that it won't have a crawlspace or basement to the home. This means that the home will be much easier to heat since there won't be that extra space under the home that is under the ground, which can bring in more coolness and make it harder to contain the heat in the home. 

Concrete foundations tend to be less expensive 

Another good thing about a concrete slab foundation is that they also tend to be less expensive to construct and this can factor into the overall expenses when building a home. The concrete slab foundation is also generally faster to construct than others and this means some time may even be cut off of the building job, also helping to bring down the cost of the construction. In fact, a concrete slab foundation is all poured at once and it takes only a single day for it to be poured, with the entire foundation process generally taking only a few days including the prep time. 

Concrete foundations can cut down on the worry of some issues

Problems like termite infestations, rotting, mold, and rodent damage are just some of the various problems that a person may have to worry about when they have a wooden floor. When you have a slab foundation, you won't have to worry about these things being a problem with the floor of your home. Do keep in mind that they can still happen in other areas of the home, but you will know your floor is solid.

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