Three Reasons To Choose Round Deck Railings

Three Reasons To Choose Round Deck Railings

Three Reasons To Choose Round Deck Railings

10 September 2020
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If you've hired a contractor to build a deck for you, one of the topics that will come up is the style of the deck railings. There are many designs for you to consider, especially if you're going with wooden railings. While many people favor wide, flat railings, another option is a round shape. Your deck contractor can show you several options for round railings that will complement your overall deck design. Here are three reasons that you might wish to go with this style.

They're Easier To Grab

A big benefit of round deck railings is that their shape makes them easier for people to grab. There are a few scenarios in which the ability to hang onto a deck railing can be important. If you have elderly family members who either live with you or frequently visit you, they'll appreciate being able to hang onto the railings as they walk around the deck. A wider railing can be more challenging to hang onto, namely because it can be too wide for some people to get their hands around. When it comes to the stairs that lead from your deck to your yard, a round railing will especially be useful for people to hold for stability as they go up or down the stairs.

They May Discourage Sitting

If you have a gathering of friends on your deck, you may find that some people opt to sit on the railings instead of on the provided chairs. This behavior can be a concern for you. For example, if people are constantly climbing on and off the railings, their weight may eventually cause the railings to loosen. Additionally, sitting on a railing isn't necessarily safe. A flat railing is more comfortable to sit on than a round one. By choosing the round design, you'll discourage people from sitting on the railings when they visit you.

They Don't Hold Water

Water will sit on the surface of a flat railing during a rainfall, and it may be a considerable amount of time until the water evaporates. In the meantime, the presence of the water can discourage the railing to begin rotting. This isn't a major concern if you have multiple layers of fresh paint or stain on the railing, but as the paint or stain ages, its ability to withstand the water decreases. Another reason to choose a round design is that the water will roll off it, allowing it to dry quickly.

If you're considering building a deck railing, talk to a local contractor about the benefits of a round railing today.

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