Three Places To Use River Rocks In Your Yard

Three Places To Use River Rocks In Your Yard

Three Places To Use River Rocks In Your Yard

25 August 2020
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If you're looking to improve the look of your yard in a natural-looking way, one product that you may wish to consider is river rock. You can order virtually any quantity of river rocks from your local garden or landscaping supply center and arrange to have someone deliver the load to your yard. Generally, river rocks are small and smooth and available in various shades of gray, brown, and even red. Here are three ways that you can put river rocks to good use in your yard.

Gutter Downspout Drainage Path

Take note of where your gutter downspouts are located in your yard. Typically, a house will have at least a couple of downspouts — perhaps one in the front yard and another in the backyard. When the water runs out of them as it rains, it can often cause soil erosion. If you've ever had to bulk up the soil in the vicinity of one or more of your downspouts, you know that this can be a time-consuming job. Consider building a path out of river rocks that runs from the end of the downspout to wherever you want the water to travel. The water will flow over the rocks without disrupting the soil.

Garden Cover

If you enjoy keeping a garden but you aren't fond of weeding, river rocks can be a product to consider. Covering the exposed soil of your garden with river rocks to make what many people refer to as a rock garden can be an effective weed-control method. You'll also want to place one or more layers of landscaping cloth beneath the rocks to further prevent weeds from rising up from the soil. Beyond their obvious functional benefits, using river rocks in this way in your garden can also give the garden a tidy and modern appearance.

Fire Pit

A fire pit can be a fun place for your family and your visitors to gather for socializing and cooking marshmallows. When you're planning a fire pit, safety needs to be a primary concern. A lot of people use river rocks as a ground cover around the fire pit. When sparks fly out of the fire pit, they'll land on the river rocks and extinguish. If you were to build a fire pit in your lawn, sparks could potentially light the grass on fire — especially when your grass is dry because your area has gone a long period of time without rain.

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