Three Exterior Window Renovation Projects To Consider

Three Exterior Window Renovation Projects To Consider

Three Exterior Window Renovation Projects To Consider

13 August 2020
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A lot of homeowners choose to ignore their exterior windows until they need replacing, but this isn't the only option. Even if your windows are structurally sound, you might like the idea of changing the look of them. Speak to a local window contractor to discuss the projects that you have in mind. There are several simple renovation projects that can dramatically alter not just the look of your windows, but also the appearance of your home. Here are three exterior window renovation projects that you might wish to consider.

Redoing The Trim

The trim around any exterior window plays a major role in how the window looks. If you're hoping to change the appearance of some windows without getting into a major renovation project, redoing the trim might be an idea that appeals to you. There are all sorts of options to consider. For example, your contractor can remove the current trim and replace it with something wider, which will make the windows as a whole stand out more. You'll have a variety of color choices, too. If you don't like the look of standard white window trim, you can choose a color that is more vibrant and brings more attention to the windows.

Adding A Bump-Out Feature

If the windows that you're thinking about renovating sit flush in the side of your house, one idea to consider is a bump-out feature. As this term suggests, this is a window that juts out from the side of your home. Not only can this renovation project change the look of the window and the area around it, but it can also allow more natural light into your home. Generally, your contractor will suggest adding narrow vertical windows to the sides of the bump-out feature, which will help to brighten the space inside of the window.

Increasing The Size

Another option to think about is changing the size of the window. While it's technically possible to go with a smaller window, there are some drawbacks to this idea — namely, a smaller window won't let as much light in. Instead, consider the merits of increasing the size of one or more windows. This project is an easy one for your window professional. He or she will remove the current window, cut out a larger opening, and then mount the new window in place. Consider this renovation project for a room that is small or that feels cramped; the larger window will brighten the room and help to make it feel roomier.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers exterior window renovations.

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