Protecting Your Home By Investing In Storm Windows

Protecting Your Home By Investing In Storm Windows

Protecting Your Home By Investing In Storm Windows

8 July 2020
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Storm windows can be an important form of protection for homes that must regularly withstand intense storms. While these windows can be a common sight in many areas of the country, it is a common situation for homeowners to neglect the ways that storm windows will be able to protect their house during the next strong storm.

Appreciate The Type Of Protection Storm Windows Can Offer Your Home

The windows of a house can be among the most vulnerable sections of it when it comes to storm damage. In addition to the glass itself being easily broken, shattered windows can contribute to interior damage to the home due to moisture and strong winds being able to enter through the broken glass. Storm windows can mitigate this risk by substantially decreasing the risk of the windows shattering. This is possible due to the storm windows being made of extremely durable and impact-resistant glass. While storm windows will still be able to break due to direct impacts, the additional layer of protection may be sufficient to shield your windows from small pieces of airborne debris that could have otherwise broken the glass.

Consider The Weight Of Your Storm Window Frames

When choosing storm windows for your home's exterior, it is useful to be consideration of the weight of these windows. Homeowners will often choose wood or other extremely heavy materials for their storm window frames. However, this can make these windows far heavier and more difficult to handle. This can make it much harder to install or remove the storm windows, which can be extremely important to those that only anticipate using these windows during hurricane season. In contrast, vinyl storm windows can be as durable as those that are made of wood, but they will be much lighter. This can make them easier to handle while also reducing the strain that these windows will put on the window frames.

Opt For Neutral-Colored Storm Window Frames

The color of the frames for the storm windows can be an important factor for limiting the aesthetic impact that these windows will have on the home. By limiting the color choices to those that are relatively neutral, you can make it easier to reduce the visibility of the storm windows. An added benefit of this choice may also be that the windows will be compatible with a broader range of colors, which may allow you to change the color of the home's exterior without having to also replace the storm windows or invest the time in painting them.

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