Which Parts Of A House Most Need To Be Insulated?

Which Parts Of A House Most Need To Be Insulated?

Which Parts Of A House Most Need To Be Insulated?

29 June 2020
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If you're thinking about having an insulation company do some work at your house, you may also wonder which parts of the house require insulation the most. Let's look at where you'll get the best bang for your buck by installing insulation in your residence.

Roof and Attic Area

The unquestioned champ of insulation value is anything done to improve the roof and attic section of your house. Anyone with basic scientific knowledge will understand why. Heat goes up. Likewise, the roof is right next to the outdoors, making it the spot where hot and cold air exchange the most often.

One big advantage of having insulation contractors perform work in the attic is there are numerous ways to do the job. Sheets of insulation can be put down in the attic. Sprayed materials are also excellent, and you can even use expanding foam to deal with difficult spots.


Your second-best option is insulation for the walls. Just like the roof, the exterior walls are good targets because a lot of heat exchange occurs there.

There are even more options available for insulation in walls. In addition to sheet, spray, and expanding materials, you may also be able to add insulated siding. Similarly, barriers can be installed between walls and siding.


If your house has a full basement, it's another good spot for insulation. Not only will insulating the basement provide improvements in energy-efficiency, but it will also protect pipes and water tanks on cold nights. It's also a good idea to have insulation placed directly on pipes and tanks.

Windows and Doors

Openings in the walls will create spots where heat and cold want to exchange, even if you have well-insulated walls. Insulation contractors can run into a lot of challenges in these spots because the frames around doors and windows tend to create trouble. Fortunately, there are several techniques for retrofitting insulation into such locations. However, you may also want to talk with a window and door provider to see if you can't improve the insulation value of your house further with new ones.

Between Rooms

Especially if you have some rooms you don't make the most use of, installing insulation between them can be beneficial. This approach works best in places that have zone control for their HVAC systems. These systems make it possible to set one room to one temperature and another room to something different. For example, you might not supply AC to the guest bedroom during the summer unless you have visitors.

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