Shake Roofs With Alternative Materials In Dry Climates For An Attractive Roof Without The Fire Hazards

Shake Roofs With Alternative Materials In Dry Climates For An Attractive Roof Without The Fire Hazards

Shake Roofs With Alternative Materials In Dry Climates For An Attractive Roof Without The Fire Hazards

26 May 2020
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If you like the look of wood roofing materials, but you live in a dry climate, alternatives like synthetics, stamped metal, or fire-retardant treatments will give you the look of wood you want and keep your home safe. You are probably still trying to find the best solution to give your home the look of a shake roof without the fire hazards. The following alternative shake materials will give your home the look you want without the fire hazards that come with real wood shakes.

Stamped Metal Solutions To Give Your Home A Fire-Resistant Shake Roof

The best solution for a more fire-resistant roof is metal, and there are several options for shakes. These are stamped metal materials, which have a wood shake pattern stamped into the metal surface. The first option you may want to consider is insulated roof panels with a shake finish for the exposed surface of the roof. The other option that can be installed on your home is stamped metal shingles, which are installed like conventional asphalt shingles and are an attractive roofing solution for your home.

Fire Retardant Pressure Treated Shingles That Are Resistant To Fire and Ideal For Dry Climates

There are wood products that can be used as an alternative to the natural wood shakes that are usually used on homes. These materials are specially pressure treated wood shingles that have been infused with a fire retardant. The fire retardant will help make the shakes more resistant to fire hazards. These materials are still wood products and will need some of the same maintenance and repairs that natural wood shake materials need.

Synthetic Shake Materials That Look Like Natural Wood and Provide A Fire-Resistant Roofing Solution For Your Home

There are also a lot of options for synthetic roofing materials that can be used to create the look of traditional wood shakes. The first option that you may want to consider for your roof is a rubber-like shake tile that is made from recycled waste and is available in many different colored finishes. There are also different options for composite shakes that are an attractive, fire-resistant solution for installing a shake roof on your home.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider giving your home the look of shakes without the fire hazards. If you are ready to install a shake roof on your home, contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about using some of the wood alternatives to give your home the look of natural wood shake roofing.

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