The Masonry Guide To Home Renovations And Repairs To Update The Appearance Of Your Home With New Brick And Stone

The Masonry Guide To Home Renovations And Repairs To Update The Appearance Of Your Home With New Brick And Stone

The Masonry Guide To Home Renovations And Repairs To Update The Appearance Of Your Home With New Brick And Stone

6 May 2020
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If you are doing renovations to your home, one of the best materials to finish the exterior, renovate landscaping, and add attractive details is masonry. If you are doing repairs or adding masonry, there are different options for brick, stone, and masonry veneers to improve the appearance of your home. The following masonry guide to home renovations will help you choose the right brick and stone solutions for your home improvement projects.

1. Adding Masonry Features To The ExteriorAand Interior Design With Modern Masonry Veneers

One of the issues that you may have when doing renovations if you want to add masonry is when the original exterior materials were siding. This means that a lot of work needs to be done to install brick. Therefore, you may want to consider a masonry veneer as an alternative. These are thin veneers that are designed to replace siding and other thinner exterior finishes. The great thing about masonry veneers is that they can also be used for attractive masonry details in interior design renovations inside your home.

2. Improve The Exterior Of Your Home With Natural Stone Hardscaping And Architectural Details

Natural stone can be another great masonry material to add to your home. It is also a great material for hardscaping in landscaping renovation. The natural stone can help blend the natural landscaping of outdoor spaces into the finishes on your home. You may want to use natural stone for architectural details that include:

  • Skirts at the foundation
  • Pedestal features for columns
  • Masonry frieze details around windows and doors

This is a great way to blend the design of outdoor living space into the design of your home with unique masonry features using natural materials.

3. Tuckpointing and Brick Masonry Restorations To Restore The Damage On The Exterior Finishes Of Your Home

Sometimes, there are also problems that need to be repaired with old brickwork. The problem is that it can also be difficult to repair brick without the repairs being visible. Therefore, you may want to consider options like tuckpointing to restore old and damaged brickwork. This is a method of using colored mortars to hide the repairs and restore the finished surface of old masonry.

4. Improve The Appearance Of Unsightly Exterior Finishes With New Brick Or Stone Masonry

There may be areas that have old repairs, additions, and masonry that is unsightly and mismatched. Therefore, you may want to redo these finishes with new brick and stone to make them appear new. The old masonry can be removed and blended with new bricks or stone, or you can completely replace the old materials.

These are some of the different brick and stone solutions that you will want to consider for your home renovations. If you are ready to set your renovations in stone, contact a masonry company like G.H. Erickson & Son and talk to them about some of these solutions for your home improvement projects.

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