Fire System Sprinkler Repair Issues Should Be Fixed As Soon As Possible

Fire System Sprinkler Repair Issues Should Be Fixed As Soon As Possible

Fire System Sprinkler Repair Issues Should Be Fixed As Soon As Possible

26 October 2021
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Your fire sprinkler system is one of your first lines of defense against fire on your property. It can help mitigate the smoke and flames and slow property damage or allow people to get out of the structure before authorities arrive. If there is any issue at all with your sprinkler system, you'll want to get it checked and fixed as soon as possible. Here are some potential fire sprinkler repair issues that might pop up with the new system over time.

A Faulty Valve Could Lead to Poor Water Pressure

Your sprinkler system uses valves that open or close as needed when the sprinkler system is activated by the sensors. If the system activates and water comes out but it appears to be more of a dribble than a powerful spray, this isn't going to be much of a benefit to you or anyone else in the building. Valves can go bad over time and if your system's valves are not in top condition, this could lead to poor water pressure and that will not be nearly as effective at putting out the flames or providing coverage for your full structure.

Water That Leaks Out Anywhere Other Than the Valves Could Mean You Have an Issue With a Line

If you ever test your sprinkler system or it activates and you notice that water is pooling somewhere in the ceiling or otherwise coming out prior to getting to the sprinkler valves, you may have a leak in one of your lines. This leak could again cause water pressure issues with the system and water damage to your ceiling.

A Sprinkler System That Doesn't Turn On Might Have Faulty Sensors That Could Lead to Injury or Property Damage

The worst-case scenario, though, is if a fire breaks out and your fire sprinkler system doesn't turn on at all. Your fire sprinkler system operates using sensors that can detect smoke or a high increase in temperature within a room. If this system never activates, you could sustain additional property damage or have less time to get out of the building safely because the flames and smoke will spread faster with no water from the system to slow things down.

Contact a Fire Sprinkler Repair Expert at the First Sign of Trouble

A fire sprinkler system should always be inspected on a regular basis and fixed immediately when a problem develops. Immediate repair will keep your structure safer and may also help ensure that your business or organization can pass any required fire safety inspections.

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