5 Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder Before Committing To A Contract

5 Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder Before Committing To A Contract

5 Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder Before Committing To A Contract

27 July 2020
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Your custom home is probably your dream, and having the right professional on your side means everything. Here are a few questions to ask before committing to a contract with a custom home builder. 

1. Do they have examples of other homes they have built?

It is always good if you ask about a few prior projects the contractor has completed. ost will supply some references without you even having to ask for them. Seeing a few past projects shows you the capabilities the custom home builder has and that they have had a few prior satisfied customers. Much like seeking out reviews for an online service, prior projects completed ensure you are working with a reliable professional.

2. How large is their building crew?

It may seem like an odd question to ask, but the size of the building crew can mean a lot when it comes to a custom home build. The larger the crew, the faster the project will likely get done, and the more professionals there will be to tend to varying levels of the project. 

3. How can you keep in touch with the builder throughout the project?

When you have a question about the project, come up with a new suggestion, or just want to check on progress, it will be good if you know how to get in touch with the builder. Most contractors these days offer their mobile phone number so you can call or text whenever you need to, but some have messages routed through someone at the office or prefer that you get in touch via email. 

4. Will you be allowed to visit the site during construction?

Some homeowners really like the idea of being involved and getting to watch as the progress happens and their custom home plan comes to fruition. However, there are some custom home builders that have requirements about when property owners can visit. For example, they may prefer that you only visit after work has concluded for the day just to make sure you are not putting yourself in harm's way at the worksite. 

5. What will happen if you change your mind about something during the build?

Planning a custom home is such a huge undertaking, and there is so much to take in and consider in the process. It is highly possible to think of something you want to change once the project has actually started. While it is understandable that some things will not be able to be changed, and it may even be in your contract that they can't, small ideas and changes may be possible to work in. It is good to know what the custom home builder can do before this happens. 

If you are looking into contractors who can build custom homes, contact local ones near you.

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