The Site Dredging Guide To Prepare For Coastal Construction

The Site Dredging Guide To Prepare For Coastal Construction

The Site Dredging Guide To Prepare For Coastal Construction

17 June 2020
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When getting ready to build in coastal environments, it is going to be challenging. One of the challenges that you may face is water and sediments. Therefore, dredging is often needed to prepare the site and begin the foundation work.

Before the construction site dredging can begin, there are also preparations that need to be done. Your project may need to have temporary barriers, equipment, and shoring. These systems help allow dredging to be done and foundations to be completed. 

Starting With Site Preparation For Dredging

Just like building in other environments, site preparation is important for coastal projects. The work needs to be done to move equipment in and begin dredging. The following site preparations need to be done for your coastal project:

  • Site inspections
  • Permitting
  • Clearing
  • Creating access to the site

These are the things that will be needed for site preparations of coastal construction sites. The preparations will often need to be done before the dredging can begin.

Engineering and Pumps That Keep Sites Dry

One of the biggest challenges when doing the dredging is keeping the site dry. Therefore, civil engineering designs will be needed. The engineering service will help to create the designs of temporary barrier systems and shoring. They will also recommend the pump equipment and mechanical systems that will be used. The pumps are needed to keep the site dry while work is being done on the project.

Dredging The Construction Site In Phases

The construction site will need to be dredged once the work on barriers has started. The barriers will have pumps installed as the work progresses. Sometimes, the dredging may need to be done in phases. The phases will allow the construction to begin in one area, as the dredging continues in the next phase of the project.

Construction Of Foundations and Structural Elements

As the different phases of the project begin, foundations and other structural elements need to be built. For structures like buildings, the process will start with elements like footings, piers, and shoring systems. For other types of construction, structural elements like piers, seawalls, and shoring systems will need to be done. Sometimes, the design of the project may require a combination of these different systems for the construction process to begin.

This construction site information will help you begin and complete your projects on schedule. If you are ready to begin breaking ground on a coastal project, contact a construction site dredging service to begin planning and scheduling.

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